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Custom Fabrication of A Silicone Partial Foot Prosthesis

Custom Fabrication of A Silicone Partial Foot Prosthesis

A complete step-by-step instructional presentation of the latest methods for easy In-House fabrication of “A Custom Silicone Partial Foot Prosthesis” using the injection-molded technique....

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Furrion Exo-Bionics

Furrion Exo-Bionics introduces X1 Mech Racing!

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Prosthesis In Motion

Prosthesis is an exo-bionic racing mech.

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Can Prosthetics Outperform Real Limbs? | Cyborg Nation

MIT Media Lab's Hugh Herr explains how he looks to nature when developing new bionic appendages. The amputee and avid rock climber discusses how his biomechatronics division is pioneering the...

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The Robot-Arm Prosthetic Controlled by Thought

Johnny Matheny is the first person to attach a mind-controlled prosthetic limb directly to his skeleton. After losing his arm to cancer in 2008, Johnny signed up for a number of experimental...

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The Mind-Controlled Bionic Arm With a Sense of Touch

In the first episode of Humans , Motherboard dives into the world of future prosthetics, and the people working on closing the gap between man and machine. We follow Melissa Loomis, an amputee...

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How to Make a Prosthetic Leg : How to Laminate a Prosthesis Socket

Learn how and why liquid mixture is poured over the unfinished socket when making prosthetics with expert tips on how to make artificial limbs in this free online prostheses video clip. Expert:...

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Integral Leg Prosthesis System - 3D Overview

Integral Leg Prosthesis System surgical procedure performed in Sydney Australia by Dr AL Muderis. 3D Animation created for osseointegrationaustralia.com.au by helpwise.com.au To find out more,...

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Implant Prosthetic Video - Gary R. O'Brien

This video is a step by step graphic representation from dental implant placement to completing the tooth. Sincerely, Gary R. O'Brien, D.D.S. http://www.obteam.com/

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How 3-D-Printed Prosthetic Hands Are Changing These Kids’ Lives | Short Film Showcase

Traditional prosthetics can cost thousands of dollars and need to be replaced as children grow. A group of volunteers is using open-source technology and 3-D printers to provide free prosthetic...

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ProCarve sports prosthesis for skiing or snowboarding

The ProCarve sports prosthesis is now available. Please contact your local branch if you are interested in a test fitting: http://www.ottobock.com/en/company/locations/ Step into the binding...

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Stock Footage - Taking Off Glass Eye Prosthesis 4 | VideoHive

Download Template Stock Footage - Taking Off Glass Eye Prosthesis 4 | VideoHive Download Here : http://tinyurl.com/qdbaouo Category : Stock Footage She is Taking Off Glass Eye Prosthesis...

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Testing a New EXTREME PROSTHETIC LEG ▻▻▻ http://youtube.com/c/FabiTRAVELS Thomas Winkler: https://www.instagram.com/adaptive_skateboarding/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fabiandoerig...

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Plastic Soda Bottle Prosthesis

Filmed and Demonstrated by Yeongchi Wu, MD and Hector Casanova, CP; Video and Sound Editing: Josh Waller; Technical/Editing Assistance: Kate Jackson. In resource-limited areas worldwide,...

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Hand prosthesis - SILAB Prosthetics

Silab Prosthetics c'est spécialisé en création de prothèses esthétiques en silicone en réalisant des prothèses sur mesure.

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My Prosthetic Arm | Kelsey

All you need to know about prosthetic arms!

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Prosthesis: The Anti-Robot

Introducing Prosthesis: the world's first human controlled racing robot. Formula One, meet the future. Terminator, meet your match. We have spent years designing and engineering this robot,...

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Prosthesis Mech Racing at CES 2018

12 years in the making, Furrion's Prosthesis is a \

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Taking your prosthetic eye out and back in.

A 12-year-old boy describes how he takes his prosthetic eye out and back in.

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Below The Elbow Amputee Demonstrates BeBionic 3 Myoelectric Prosthesis

Watch as Sean demonstrates the functionality of his low profile custom designed below the elbow prosthesis with the innovative tuff wear humeral cuff. This design provides superior suspension...

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AmputeeOT: Beginner Exercises for Amputees without a Prosthesis

Music: \

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A $50 3D-Printed Prosthesis Compared to a $42,000 Myoelectric Prosthesis (3D Universe)

For the full story: http://www.3duniverse.org/2014/04/19/jose-delgado-jr-compares-his-new-3d-printed-hand-to-his-more-expensive-myoelectric-prosthesis/ I recently had the opportunity to work...

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How to make Prosthetic Gel

Guys I have a new channel here where I will be more active. thank you. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRlumXKE_c9lurALu_8wdPg.

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Laminating a Prosthetic

A piece of nyglass was placed over the PVA bag and a string tied the top part of the nyglass, and was folded over itself. Then carbon fiber was placed over the nyglass and tied at the top and...

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Silicone finger prosthesis - SILAB

Silab prostheses can provide passive-active function in many different ways... take a look!

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The Process of Prosthetic Limb Fabrication

A video compilation of the required steps preformed to complete a prosthetic running leg.

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Demonstration of Double Walled Above The Knee Vacuum Prosthesis

Demonstration of Double-Walled Above the Knee Vacuum Prosthesis with the Otto Bock Genium Bionic Prosthetic System. Custom Designed by Prosthetics in motion.

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Magnetic Two-Piece Orbital (eye) Prosthesis

User-friendly and adhesive-free method to securely attach a silicone orbital prosthesis for a patient with failed osseo-integrated implants in the bony orbital rim. Custom silicone orbital...

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Prosthetic Valve Assessment (William A. Zoghbi, MD) April 29, 2016

Southwest Valve Summit 2016 Session 2: William A. Zoghbi, MD Prosthetic Valve Assessment April 29, 2016.

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